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Auto Glass Prices: Auto Glass Parts & Pricing Explained

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New Windshield Windshield Replacement Auto Glass Parts Guide -Shows Various Auto Glass Parts On A Vehicle
Auto Glass Prices

Why does my glass cost so much?
What causes glass prices to be higher or lower; location, age, supply & demand, aftermarket, options
How to save money on your next windshield replacement

Auto Glass Parts & Accessories

In this section we'll discuss each auto glass part and accessory in detail. From OEM windshields to aftermarket moldings we educate you on every part! The first lesson is that every part is equally important to a successful repair or replacement. Why install a new piece of glass and use a shoddy aftermarket molding? What's the use in paying for a premium aftermarket windshield and securing it with the cheapest urethane on the market? Let's begin with the most overlooked part of almost every auto glass replacement; the glue or sealant which is also known as urethane.

Auto Glass Sealant (Urethane)-The Most Important Part!

Urethane is easily the most important overlooked part of any auto glass replacement. These days every passenger vehicle windshield must be secured to the frame of the automobile with urethane. Much like a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the same is true for auto glass. Your windshield is made of high grade materials and designed to help keep the driver and passengers safe by keeping the roof from collapsing during a roll over. However, with cheap aftermarket urethane or an installation where an insufficient amount of urethane is used, your windshield won't be able to do its job. Securing the glass to the body of the vehicle is of supreme importance. A lessor, albeit more noticeable, result of substandard urethane or an inadequate amount of urethane is leaks, wind noise, and stress fractures. Yes, your glass can mysteriously break at some point in the future when the body of the vehicle shifts and the improperly set windshield stresses. Lesson learned, use the proper amount of high quality urethane.

OEM Glass vs Aftermarket Auto Glass Parts

Let's discuss parts and quality and how it affects your vehicle. The first thing to mention is that auto glass parts are grouped into two or possibly three groups; OEM and Aftermarket (aftermarket premium and aftermarket generic). The question is what is the difference between these parts and which one should you choose? First, you must understand that windshields and auto glass aren't just a piece of glass anymore. With heads-up displays, heating, rain sensors, antennas, blue-tooth, and much more, glass is often times a rather intricate mechanical part. Keeping this in mind let's discuss the highest quality part available for your vehicle, the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

OEM Glass or Original Equipment Manufacturer

The Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM is the company who secured the contract to provide a part or parts for a particular vehicle model line during production and often times for decades after. In the auto glass industry this would be OGM or Original Glass Manufacturer, but it is still commonly referred to as OEM Glass. Governmental standards and car manufacturer quality controls are extremely high for every part of newly produced vehicles. This is not the case for aftermarket parts produced by other companies to be used on your vehicle. This is why OEM replacement glass is guaranteed to be of the highest quality available. The first difference most consumers will notice between aftermarket and OEM replacement glass is price. In most cases the OEM part will be three times greater than the aftermarket version. If you have a new or luxury vehicle it is definitely recommended to use an OEM Glass replacement part. However, finding an OEM replacement part can, at times, be rather difficult. Not all auto glass suppliers provide OEM replacement parts, and not all OEM replacement parts are available outside the dealer. As a matter of fact many OEM replacement parts can only be purchased from the dealer. If you want to request an OEM replacement part from your auto glass retailer just ask, but first you should know the name of the OEM Glass manufacturer. Go out to your vehicle and look at any piece of glass at the lower right side of the part. You should see a stamp from the manufacturer and if not look at the right side just look at the bottom left. Every auto glass part on your vehicle will have the same stamp, unless it has been replaced with an aftermarket part. If you are unable to locate the stamp or figure out the company take a look at our comprehensive OEM Glass list by make below:

Auto Glass Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM Auto Glass Companies)
Acura - AP Tech Honda - PPG/PilkingtonMINI - Saint Gobain Sekurit
Audi - Guardian-SolivarHummer - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)Mitsubishi - AP Tech
BMW - Saint Gobain SekuritHyundai - FuyaoNissan - Carlite/Saint Gobain Sekurit
Buick - AP TechInfiniti - Templex/TP CentralOldsmobile - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)
Cadillac - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)Isuzu - CrinamexPlymouth - Mopar
Chevrolet - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)Jaguar - CarlitePontiac - PPG/PGW
Chrysler - MoparJeep - MoparPorsche - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)
Daewoo - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)Kia - Korea AutoGlass & CarliteSaab - Saint Gobain Sekurit
Dodge - Mopar Land Rover - PilkingtonSaturn - Saint Gobain Sekurit
Eagle - MoparLexus - AGC Automotive Scion - Nippon Safety
Fiat - MoparLincoln - CarliteSmart - Smart Siplintex
Ford - CarliteMazda - Nippon SafetySubaru - United LN
Geo - CrinamexMercedez-Benz - Saint Gobain SekuritSuzuki - AGC
GMC - LOF (Operates under Pilkington)Mercury - CarliteToyota - AP Tech
 Volkswagen - PPG/PGWVolvo - PPG/PGW

Aftermarket Premium vs Generic

If you can't find, can't afford, or don't want the OEM replacement glass for your vehicle then aftermarket glass is for you. However, we must make you aware not all aftermarket parts are of the same quality. Aftermarket glass is divided into two groups; premium and generic.

Premium Aftermarket

Many of the premium after market auto glass manufacturers produce glass at or near the same high level of quality as the OEM. Premium aftermarket parts are produced in the US, Canada, or Europe and held to a much higher standard then it's Chinese competitors. If a premium after market part is available and you can't afford the OEM part, this should be your choice. Regardless of your circumstances it is advised not to choose a generic piece of glass for your vehicle.


If you have no other choice, or don't know better you might choose a generic aftermarket glass replacement. It is important to know even with generic glass there are some manufacturers that are much higher quality than others. If possible find out the country of origin for your part before you buy. Generic parts are made in the US, Mexico, and China. Many of the Chinese parts are noticeably lower in quality. The parts aren't as heavy and durable, the materials don't seem to be the same, and the craftsmanship is obviously sub-standard. If there's good quality controls from the suppliers and retailer, a faulty generic aftermarket part won't make it to your vehicle. Just to be certain look for waves in the glass or incorrect curvature of the part. If its a door glass replacement make sure the electric motor moves the glass at the same speed smoothly throughout the entire range of motion and doesn't sound strained. This is evidence that improper curvature in the glass and will destroy your power window motor over time. If possible opt for a premium aftermarket or OEM replacement part, not generic.

Specific Auto Glass Parts

  • Windshield: A windshield is the very front glass on a car, motorcycle, airplane, or train that protects the occupants. Most windshields are made out of laminated glass which is two layers of glass with a plastic sheet in the middle that prevents the glass from shattering if an object hits it. Windshields are becoming more advanced with every new model year. Automobile windshields are available with different types of attachments and options making them more like mechanical parts instead of just pieces of glass. Take a look at this list and see if your windshield comes with any special attachments:

    • Windshield with an Electrochromic Rear-View Mirror: A rear-view mirror that has electrical components such as auto dimming, a thermometer, a compass, lights, or buttons.

    • Windshield with a Third Visor Frit: Tiny little black dots that are painted on the windshield near the top of the rear-view mirror. The frit is purely cosmetic and acts as a "third visor" for the sun.

    • Heated Windshield: A windshield that contains a grid of tiny heating wires throughout the whole windshield that aids in defrosting during cold weather. This option is also common on black glasses.

    • Windshield with a Heated Wiper Park Area: A windshield that contains heating elements in the bottom part of the glass where the windshield wipers rest used to remove ice or snow during cold weather.

    • Windshield with a Heads Up Display (HUD): A high-tech projection on the inside of the windshield in the drivers lower line of sight that allows the driver to check their speed, RPMs, and more without taking their eyes off of the road.

    • Windshield with a Rain Sensor: A electrical sensor attached to the windshield near the rear-view mirror that automatically adjusts the windshield wipers speed to match the amount of rain on the windshield.

    • Solar Coated Windshield: Windshield glass that has a special coating that helps keep the inside of the car cooler by reflecting UV light.

    • Windshield with an Acoustic Interlayer: A special layer in some windshields that help keep interior noise inside and road noise outside. This is found mostly on upgraded cars with premier sound systems.

    • Windshield with a Light Sensor: Electrical sensor located on the windshield that detects low light conditions and automatically turns the headlights on.

    • Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS): The LDWS uses a camera to alert drivers if they begin to unknowingly deviate from their lane. The electrical components for the camera run through the windshield glass making this windshield high-tech.

    • Windshield with a GPS System: A car with a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) system will need a special windshield with a special built-in antenna that allows the car to communicate with the satellite.

  • Door Glass: Door glass is also known as side glass and is found in the passenger and driver side doors. Not to be confused with vent or quarter glass, door glass usually rolls up and down powered either electrically or manually. Door glass is mostly made out of tempered or "safety" glass which is made to shatter into tiny pieces to reduce injury to the vehicle's occupants. Sometimes a car can have laminated (like a windshield) door glass but this is uncommon and more expensive to replace. Door glass can also come directly from the manufacturer in various colors such as blue, green, clear, or privacy tinted. A lot of rear door glass for SUV's are tinted very dark (privacy tint). Many people also choose to tint door glass with after-market film. The after-market film will hold the glass together when shattered much like laminated glass. It is common for consumers to confuse their aftermarket tint for factory tint when a car is purchased used or the dealer has installed the tint themselves.

  • Quarter Glass: Quarter glass is found between the rear doors and the trunk area. Quarter glass is usually rectangular in shape and is normally bigger than vent glass. Quarter glass can have different attachments such as built in antennas, Bluetooth wires, OnStar wires, and more. Some quarter glass windows can be popped open to allow airflow but the vast majority are stationary. Movable quarter glass is usually found on mini vans while the most common cars that come to mind when you think about stationary quarter glass are suburbans. Just like every other car window, quarter glass can come in a variety of colors like blue, green, bronze , clear, or privacy tint.The most important thing to remember when telling the difference between the quarter glass and the vent glass is that the quarter glass is in the body of the car itself and NOT in the door.

  • Vent Glass:Vent glass is usually triangular in shape, but can also be a small rectangle, and is found in the door frame next to the door glass. In older model cars, the vent glass was usually movable and could be slightly opened to allow venting, thus the name vent glass. For most cars now, the vent glass is stationary like as seen on a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry. The most important thing to remember when telling the difference between a vent and a quarter glass is that the vent glass is within the door frame like the door glass. Vent glass has different color options like blue, green, clear, and privacy tint.

  • Back Glass: The back glass is the glass opposite of the windshield and is also commonly called the rear windshield (if you drive backwards a lot that makes sense, but not really). There are several types of back glasses and can have different attachments like a windshield does.

    • Heated Back Glass: A back glass that contains a grid of tiny heating wires throughout the whole window that aids in defrosting during cold weather just like a heated windshield

    • Back Glass with Keyless Entry: A windshield that has a special built-in antenna that responds to a car owners key remote to lock or unlock the doors, truck, or the alarm activation button.

    • Diversity Antenna: An antenna inside the back glass that combines the reception of other antennas to give you the best possible reception.

    • Back Glass with Rear Wiper Hole: A back glass with a hole cut out to fit over a rear windshield wiper blade. Normally found on cars such as the Ford Explorer or a Chevy Suburban.

    • There are various back glass types as well:

      • Sliding Back Glass: On certain trucks, the back glass can be a sliding back glass that can be moved either manually or electrically. Sliding back glasses can come with either one, two, or three different mini windows and will come encapsulated (all together in one frame). This makes replacing a sliding back glass much more expensive and difficult to replace as opposed to a stationary back glass. If you own a Dodge truck and are looking to replace the sliding back glass, we highly recommend buying the OEM glass. Aftermarket sliding back glasses for Dodge trucks have a nasty reputation for not fitting correctly and all sorts of other problems. Many auto glass companies will not even give a quote for the after market part because the quality is so poor and warranties are inevitable.

      • Stationary Back Glass:On the majority of cars, the back glass is one large stationary piece. On many high end models, such as Mercedes and BMW, the back glass is usually equipped with different attachments that were listed above.

      • Lift Gate Back Glass: A lift gate back glass is normally found on most hatchback, SUV, and suburban model cars. If you lift the back glass door over your head to access the back of your car, then you have a lift gate back glass

      • Split Back Glass: A lot of service vans and older suburban-type cars can have a split back glass. The car will have two rear doors that create the back glass instead of the usual single door to reach the cargo area of the car. If you have a broken split back glass be sure to receive a quote for the correct side.

  • Sunroof Glass: The sunroof is the window in the roof of your car that can be opened to allow light and air into your car. The glass in your sunroof can either be powered manually or electrically. Most auto glass repair and replacement companies do not work on sunroofs because of the high level of installation difficulty and because they do not have the necessary tools. We would recommend taking your car to the dealership if you are in need of a sunroof replacement.

  • Mirrors: Reflective glass that aids the driver in seeing behind them.

    • Rear View Mirror: The mirror inside the car that is attached either to the windshield or to the interior roof, that allows the driver to see right behind their car without having to completely turn around. Rear view mirrors can have attachments like compasses, auto dimming, thermometers, buttons, and lights.

    • Side Mirrors: The mirrors attached to the outside of your car by the front driver and front passenger windows that aid the driver to look at either side of the car without having to look completely to the side. Side mirrors can also have attachments built in like auto dimming, defrosting, and blinker lights. Objects in these mirrors can be closer than they appear.

  • Moldings: Mouldings surround a piece of glass and are used to fill in the space between the body of the car and the glass. Mouldings are usually made out of rubber. Mouldings are most commonly used with windshields and occasionally with the back glass. Some windshields and back glasses only require a moulding at the top of the glass (top strip), some require a moulding all the way around the glass (full strip, and some just require mouldings on the sides (side moulding). Just like with glass, mouldings can be OEM or after-market.

  • Clips and Clip Kits: Sometimes windshields or mouldings will need special clips to hold them in place. Your auto glass provider will alert you if clips will be required for your auto glass replacement.

  • Car Window Motors, Regulators, and Elevators: These are all parts that are important if you want your door glass to function properly.

    • Car Window Elevators: The glass sits in the elevator.

    • Car Window Regulators: The regulator is attached to the elevator and is powered by the motor to move the window up and down. The regulator is typically two vertical bars attached to the door frame itself.

    • Car Window Motors: The window motor supplies power to the regulator.

  • Rain Sensor Kits: The rain sensor kit usually comes on newer cars and has a brand new full rain sensor and gel pad built in. The rain sensor detects the presence of rain on the windshield and turns the windshield wipers on automatically to adjust to match the speed of the rain.

  • Gel Pads: The gel pad is a clear sticky pad that attaches the rain sensor to the glass. This is used on cars that you can re-use the old rain sensor.

  • Urethane/Sealant/Glue: The urethane is the "sealant" or "glue" that adheres auto glass to the frame of the car.

    • Regular Urethane: Adhesive used in the installation of all stationary glass like the windshield and the back glass. It is important to use high quality urethane because it helps maintain the structural integrity of the car. A cheaper tube of urethane might cost about $1.50 while a high quality tube should cost around $6.00

    • Non-Conductive Urethane: Non-Conductive Urethane is very important to use on luxury cars or any cars with electrical attachments like the heads up display, GPS system, or antennas. Non-conductive urethane prevents the conduction of electricity between the glass and the metal of the car which could cause electrical problems with the attachments.

  • Primers: A liquid that is applied to the car frame before the urethane and the glass. The primer creates a bond that helps the urethane stick to the car better.
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07/20/2024 15:34 90631 1991 Geo Metro 2 Door Convertible Windshield $206.46 - $250.03
07/20/2024 13:40 30349 1984 Ford F-150 2 Door Standard Cab Windshield $207.02 - $228.24
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07/17/2024 18:54 75035 2012 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $287.97 - $308.86
07/17/2024 16:01 90019 2001 Saturn L300 4 Door Sedan Front Driver's Side Door Glass $189.60 - $233.17
07/17/2024 14:34 97123 2001 Mercedes-Benz SL500 Windshield $198.41 - $219.63
07/17/2024 11:27 77429 2007 Acura MDX Windshield $252.71 - $273.45
07/17/2024 11:27 77429 2007 Acura MDX Windshield - Electrochromic Mirror $248.74 - $269.48
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07/15/2024 13:44 70520 1991 Volkswagen Jetta 4 Door Sedan Back Glass $240.65 - $261.87
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07/15/2024 06:41 77406 2004 Cadillac Deville 4 Door Sedan Windshield $289.09 - $309.83
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07/14/2024 11:34 98855 2016 Chevrolet Cruze *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/14/2024 11:26 29488 2006 Honda Accord 4 Door Sedan Windshield $190.76 - $211.98
07/14/2024 09:38 08628 2011 Nissan Altima 4 Door Sedan Windshield $218.04 - $239.26
07/14/2024 00:15 61061 2008 Jeep Liberty Windshield $239.52 - $284.31
07/13/2024 21:17 91206 2004 Hummer H2 Windshield $217.71 - $261.28
07/13/2024 17:48 22640 1994 Chevrolet Pickup C1500 Standard Cab Windshield $201.42 - $222.64
07/13/2024 15:00 07104 2007 Honda Accord 4 Door Sedan Windshield $210.76 - $231.98
07/13/2024 12:21 32703 1998 Honda Civic 2 Door Coupe Windshield $206.88 - $238.09
07/13/2024 09:23 87124 2008 Jeep Liberty Windshield $212.63 - $233.85
07/13/2024 02:45 99208 2001 Dodge 1500 Pickup 2 Door Standard Cab Windshield $196.93 - $218.15
07/12/2024 22:30 99336 2001 Acura 3.2 CL Back Glass $535.05 - $595.38
07/12/2024 20:41 95670 2004 Buick Rendezvous Windshield $514.18 - $550.39
07/12/2024 18:42 99344 1989 Ford Thunderbird 2 Door Coupe Windshield $212.63 - $233.85
07/12/2024 15:59 98626 1995 Ford Escort 2 Door Hatchback Windshield $212.63 - $233.85
07/12/2024 15:12 94402 2009 Porsche Cayman Windshield $288.00 - $308.57
07/12/2024 12:46 74145 2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse 2 Door Coupe Windshield $206.46 - $227.68
07/12/2024 12:32 32824 2006 Ford Econoline 3 Door Van Back Glass - Passenger's Side $125.21 - $154.03
07/12/2024 11:51 91709 2006 Honda Civic 2 Door Coupe Windshield $217.99 - $261.56
07/11/2024 20:26 85387 2007 Scion tC Windshield $215.07 - $259.29
07/11/2024 18:40 83843 1998 Dodge 2500 Pickup 4 Door Quad Cab Windshield $209.53 - $253.75
07/11/2024 14:35 90802 2008 Jeep Commander Windshield - Rain Sensor $245.83 - $289.40
07/11/2024 12:17 95320 2004 Ford F-250 4 Door Crew Cab Windshield $201.16 - $232.37
07/11/2024 05:36 89129 2011 Land Rover LR2 Windshield - Rain Sensor Pricing - N/A
07/11/2024 01:23 31907 2002 Mercedes-Benz S430 Back Glass $523.42 - $613.94
07/10/2024 22:49 92860 2013 Chevrolet Suburban 4 Door Windshield $198.73 - $216.17
07/10/2024 20:34 32092 2006 Mercury Mariner Windshield $190.25 - $221.46
07/10/2024 18:22 57262 2011 Kia Sorento Windshield $242.82 - $264.04
07/10/2024 17:32 64030 1998 Saturn SL1 Windshield $212.08 - $243.29
07/10/2024 17:10 43040 2009 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $204.44 - $235.65
07/10/2024 13:11 70053 2002 Ford F-150 2 Door Super Cab Windshield $187.96 - $209.18
07/10/2024 10:34 71949 2008 GMC Sierra C1500 2 Door Standard Cab Windshield $201.69 - $245.91
07/10/2024 09:52 11772 1988 Mercury Cougar 2 Door Coupe Windshield $195.81 - $217.03
07/10/2024 09:11 06120 2008 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $227.38 - $271.60
07/10/2024 09:11 06120 2008 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $227.38 - $271.60
07/10/2024 08:38 70520 1991 Volkswagen Jetta 4 Door Sedan Back Glass $240.65 - $261.87
07/10/2024 00:03 30332 2014 Kia Soul *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/10/2024 00:02 01376 2000 Ford Windstar Windshield $199.17 - $220.39
07/10/2024 00:00 80226 2004 Ford Ranger 2 Door Standard Cab Windshield $187.78 - $206.39
07/09/2024 23:59 91786 2009 BMW 328 4 Door Sedan Windshield - Rain Sensor $235.75 - $279.32
07/09/2024 23:59 80207 2006 BMW *I Can't Find My Vehicle *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/09/2024 23:58 75063 2011 Honda Odyssey Windshield $380.28 - $407.87
07/09/2024 23:58 99336 1993 Isuzu Amigo Windshield $215.00 - $236.22
07/09/2024 23:58 98168 2009 Hyundai Sonata Windshield $210.20 - $231.42
07/09/2024 23:58 35406 2004 Volvo S40 2.5L ENG Windshield $254.69 - $299.48
07/09/2024 23:58 37620 2011 Jeep Patriot Windshield $212.63 - $233.85
07/09/2024 23:57 55443 2009 Infiniti G37 4 Door Sedan Back Glass $601.89 - $668.58
07/09/2024 23:57 75214 2009 Infiniti FX35 Windshield $274.76 - $294.69
07/09/2024 23:56 77006 2014 Subaru Forester *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/09/2024 21:35 98405 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Windshield $682.05 - $758.95
07/09/2024 21:29 79701 2014 Mercedes-Benz GL550 Windshield - Rain Sensor Heated $1846.86 - $1976.92
07/09/2024 19:57 69130 2010 Suzuki Kizashi *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/09/2024 19:28 77006 2014 Subaru Forester *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/09/2024 19:27 75214 2009 Infiniti FX35 Windshield $274.76 - $294.69
07/09/2024 19:27 55443 2009 Infiniti G37 4 Door Sedan Back Glass $601.89 - $668.58
07/09/2024 19:26 37620 2011 Jeep Patriot Windshield $212.63 - $233.85
07/09/2024 19:26 35406 2004 Volvo S40 2.5L ENG Windshield $254.69 - $299.48
07/09/2024 19:26 98168 2009 Hyundai Sonata Windshield $210.20 - $231.42
07/09/2024 19:26 99336 1993 Isuzu Amigo Windshield $215.00 - $236.22
07/09/2024 19:26 75063 2011 Honda Odyssey Windshield $380.28 - $407.87
07/09/2024 19:25 80207 2006 BMW *I Can't Find My Vehicle *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/09/2024 19:25 91786 2009 BMW 328 4 Door Sedan Windshield - Rain Sensor $235.75 - $279.32
07/09/2024 19:24 80226 2004 Ford Ranger 2 Door Standard Cab Windshield $187.78 - $206.39
07/09/2024 19:24 01376 2000 Ford Windstar Windshield $199.17 - $220.39
07/09/2024 19:24 30332 2014 Kia Soul *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/09/2024 17:52 07501 2005 Acura MDX Windshield $306.54 - $327.76
07/09/2024 17:22 90042 2003 Mercedes-Benz C320 2 Door Coupe Windshield $761.14 - $826.83
07/09/2024 14:31 72205 2012 Honda Pilot Windshield $263.99 - $308.21
07/09/2024 09:43 95422 2001 Ford Expedition Windshield $182.60 - $213.81
07/09/2024 09:43 95422 2001 Ford Expedition Windshield $182.60 - $213.81
07/09/2024 02:46 35179 2008 Honda Civic 2 Door Coupe Windshield $225.42 - $270.21
07/08/2024 22:22 91326 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SL *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/08/2024 18:18 35073 1986 BMW 535 4 Door Sedan *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
07/08/2024 15:31 23093 2007 Honda Civic 2 Door Coupe Windshield $218.51 - $239.73