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Auto Glass Quote Form & Customizable Plugin For Your Website

Website Plugin (Placing Our Quote Form On Your Auto Glass Website)

  • What is the "Quote Form Website Plugin"? Also referred to as a "quote form widget" or "quote form api", our plugin is simply a version of our quote form that can be placed on your website. With Auto Glass Quotez you can now offer customized repair or replacement quotes to your customers anytime of day or night. Stop losing customers that visit your website after business hours and on weekends and start closing new jobs without answering the phone!

  • Auto Glass Quote Form Plugin Example

    Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Quotes by:
  • How do I sign up? First of all there is NO CONTRACT! Signing up is easy! Simply click the "Add Your Shop" button at the top right-side of this web page. In minutes you can setup your account and start making more money with less work today!

  • How do I know this will work for me and my business? Quoting customers from your website day or night and throughout the weekend can generate hundreds of extra jobs each year. Every potential customer that visits your website and wants your services, tries to reach you but gets no answer or gets your voicemail, is a lost customer. However, when you have a quote form on your site you greatly increase the chances those "potential" customers will be come satisfied customers. Stop losing business and let technology work for you!

  • How much does it cost? Get started today for as low as $9.99 (one time setup fee). Additional costs vary depending on usage and which package you purchase. You can use the quote form on your site for as little as $9.99 with no additional costs ever!

  • Who can I talk to?You can talk with myself (Andrew) or one of my customer service team members anytime by calling us at (888) 478-6839

  • How will I be billed? Every customer sets up their account with a credit or debit card and that card is billed monthly.

  • Why don't you use the national pricing used by the insurance companies and other websites?Accuracy, our pricing is based on cost of wholesale parts, not national averages of insurance job retail prices.

  • How do I install the quote form?
  • Please contact our technical support at (888) 478-6839
  • How do cancel service? Cancelling is easy: no contract allows you to cancel anytime!

  • How does the price quoting work? We have a database of parts based on wholesale prices. We realize no automated quote form will be perfectly accurate for every part so all of our quotes display a range of price (low-high). This ensures customers are not misled once all fees and tax are considered. The prices in our database are set and managed by Auto Glass Quotez Inc. However, our system allows for each shop to customize their pricing to fit their needs.

  • How do I customize my pricing? Shops have full control and are able to change the default pricing to display higher or lower once logged into your account. Prices can be changed at anytime in just seconds.

  • How did you get the prices? Prices are based on national average wholesale prices.

  • How accurate are the prices? We feel our pricing database is the most accurate available.

  • What if a price is wrong? With all automated quote systems, prices are just an estimate and are subject to error. Though we strive to give the most accurate quotes possible every time, shops and AGQZ are not obligated to perform any service for the price displayed.

  • When do you update the database pricing? Pricing is constantly being updated just as new parts are being added everyday.

  • What does our database include? Our database includes almost all passenger vehicles sold in the US except for some extreme luxury vehicles and classics, but more are being added every day!

  • What if a vehicle or part is not listed? If a vehicle or part is not included in our database customers have the option to select "I can't find my vehicle/part' and request a quote.

  • Who uses the quote form? We are new company and our growing network of auto glass shops is well over 100, but not yet anywhere near our goal!

  • When should I install the quote form? Now. The sooner the better. Every evening and every weekend without a quote form you are letting customers slip through your fingers.

  • Where should I place the quote form on my website? There are a number of good positions for a quote form. We recommend you choose the most visited page on your website in the most noticeable place. Normally the home page near the top left side is the best.

  • Who will install the quote form if I don't know how? We will! If you require technical support to install your quote form just call AGQZ and we will help you get it installed asap!