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Auto Glass Companies

How do you choose the right auto glass company to perform your next replacement or repair? Let's first consider your needs; warranty, location, time, or price might be most important. Although you may choose a company with a great warranty, find out if they are a local company, regional, or nation-wide. You must consider your plans of travel or relocation and whether the warranty will work for you. The location of the company can also be of consideration. No one wants to waste too much time driving around town. However, if the company offer mobile auto glass service then location may not be that concerning. Ask the company what times they have available and ensure that your schedule will work with theirs. To help understand auto glass companies better let's break them down with regard to size; Global, Nationwide, Regional, Local, Mobile Only, and the "One Man Show".

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Global Auto Glass Companies

This is biggest of the big dogs! Only one auto glass company comes to mind when we think global.

They have great warranties because they are everywhere if you need them. They have tough scheduling demands. They are usually overbooked and normally do not offer same day or even next day service.
They have the best resources and great training programs so they employ excellent technicians. They can also have higher prices than most other auto glass companies because they are in such high demand and they have a large overhead.
They sometimes offer mobile service. If you want to support an American company look elsewhere because most global companies are not based in the US.
They will handle both repairs and replacements Most are foreign businesses so you would not be supporting local businesses.
They have technicians that have technical aptitude: they will tackle any job because they have the training. Small Business are usually run out of town by global companies.


Extremely large companies with a coast to coast reach.

Great warranty because they have many different service stations to help you if you have warranty work. Scheduling can be difficult sometimes because of the high service demand. May not be able to provide same day service.
Great technicians because they can send their technicians to certification classes. Price can be a little higher because they are in high demand and they have a lot of overhead.
They might offer mobile service. Using a nation wide company does not support local economies.
Will take on more tough jobs if they have the right technician.  
Scheduling can be nice because they have many locations you can have an appointment anywhere.  
National companies are American so your business stays in the USA.  

Regional Auto Glass Companies

Very large companies that cover a number of states.

Regional companies are more local than nationwide companies, keeping the economies closer to you healthier. Scheduling can be difficult if the company is in high demand.
Using a regional company keeps business in the USA. Price can be a little more expensive because they have a lot of overhead and they are in high demand.
Quality of the glass can be very good because regional companies have good relationships with glass manufacturers. You wont be supporting small businesses if you choose a regional company.
Warranty is surrounding the area in which you live allowing for easy access to shop in case of warranty work. The warranty is only covered in the region that the company services.

Local Auto Glass Companies

Good size small businesses that have a local or state-wide presence.

By choosing a Local auto glass company, you are keeping your money in the local economy as well as supporting small businesses. Only some local companies will provide a warranty and it will only cover the direct areas that they service.
Local companies are not as busy and are better able to accommodate customer scheduling needs. Their technicians may not have had every type of training available in the auto glass industry so technical aptitude could be less.
They have good prices because they do not have a lot of overhang and can pass discounts to customers if they want.  

Mobile Auto Glass Companies (Mobile Only)

Smaller companies that don't offer in-shop service.

Price can be lower than nationwide and global companies and most mobile only services don't charge a mobile fee since that is the only service they provide. They provide mobile service only and do not have a shop to bring you car into.
Using a small mobile service helps keep business in the USA. Scheduling can be more difficult because mobile services must provide a service time frame to allow for traffic and travel time from the warehouse to the job site.
Using a mobile service helps keep money in the local economy. Technicians might not be as skilled if they haven't had a lot of training, although you can come across technicians that have been replacing glass for many many years.
You support small business when you choose a small mobile service. Mobile Companies may or may not have a warranty, and if they do it might be limited.

Auto Glass Contractor (One Man Show)

Auto glass technicians that choose to work for themselves, but don't employ others.

Prices can be incredibly low since these technicians have hardly any overhead and they are able to set their own pricing. Most auto glass contractors do not provide a warranty.
Using an auto glass contractor helps you to support local businesses and keeps your money in the local economy. Technical Aptitude can be low if these technicians have not have the proper training.
  Quality can be low if the technician cuts price corners by selling used auto glass instead of new glass, or if he hasn't had the proper training and replaces glass even if he isn't 100% sure how to.



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