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Mobile Glass LLC

(800) 557-3078
407 Reviews (4.72 average)
Mobile Glass LLC
Norman Newsome
12591 Research Blvd Suite 201
Austin, TX 78759
(800) 557-3078
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Most Recent Auto Glass & Windshield Quotes

Date Shop Zipcode Year Make Model Part Price
Mobile Glass 04/23/2024 04:06 98029 2012 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $306.65 - $327.87
Mobile Glass 04/23/2024 00:43 83861 2001 Chevrolet Silverado K2500 2 Door Extended Cab Windshield $200.00 - $244.22
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 22:45 96003 2013 Ford F-250 4 Door Crew Cab Windshield - Super Duty in 3rd Visor $304.88 - $336.09
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 20:52 30655 2004 Jaguar Vanden Plas Windshield $562.57 - $659.86
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 20:44 30655 2004 Jaguar Vanden Plas Windshield $562.57 - $659.86
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 18:48 97801 2007 Honda Accord 4 Door Sedan Windshield $190.76 - $211.98
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 16:28 20772 2013 Kia Optima Windshield $257.47 - $278.69
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 14:51 15090 2004 Acura TL Windshield $210.18 - $241.39
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 13:01 75435 2003 Chevrolet Silverado C2500 HD 2 Door Extended Cab Windshield $194.79 - $217.35
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 12:10 90044 2004 Infiniti G35 2 Door Coupe Back Glass $285.18 - $328.75
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 11:31 77339 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK350 *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 11:26 98682 2005 Hummer H2 Windshield $218.23 - $239.45
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 11:05 54115 2016 Cadillac CTS 4 Door Sedan *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Dallas Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 10:47 76104 2001 Mercedes-Benz E320 4 Door Sedan Windshield $187.88 - $234.15
Mobile Glass 04/22/2024 09:33 30238 2015 Nissan Altima 4 Door Sedan *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 23:54 98029 2012 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $306.65 - $327.87
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 23:25 92342 2015 Infiniti Q50 *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 22:02 18447 2009 Toyota Corolla 4 Door Sedan Windshield $219.73 - $250.94
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 21:16 97756 2003 Honda Civic 2 Door Coupe Windshield $191.41 - $212.63
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 20:25 32738 2000 Mercedes-Benz E320 4 Door Sedan Windshield - Rain Sensor $237.95 - $269.16
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 20:18 84075 2005 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $190.20 - $211.42
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 15:46 39208 2012 Honda Accord 4 Door Sedan Windshield $214.15 - $235.37
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 15:34 57301 1994 Ford F-150 2 Door Standard Cab Windshield $207.02 - $228.24
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 12:51 21230 2005 Acura TL Windshield $216.28 - $237.50
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 10:50 97220 2012 Ford Transit Connect Windshield $274.29 - $295.51
Mobile Glass 04/21/2024 01:24 94402 2009 Porsche Cayman Windshield $288.00 - $308.57
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 20:49 45356 1995 Saturn SL2 Windshield $277.60 - $308.81
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 19:24 30044 2016 Fiat 500 *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 17:06 29526 2012 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $306.65 - $327.87
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 15:39 28216 1982 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 2 Door Coupe Windshield - Antenna $207.02 - $228.24
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 15:24 49056 1998 Chevrolet Pickup C1500 Standard Cab Windshield $194.69 - $215.91
Mobile Glass LLC 04/20/2024 15:14 78223 2007 Pontiac Torrent Windshield $205.14 - $251.03
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 08:59 55407 2011 Ford Escape Windshield $223.84 - $245.06
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 07:42 07026 2012 Honda Civic 4 Door Sedan Windshield $326.65 - $347.87
Mobile Glass 04/20/2024 02:36 21742 1997 Saturn SL2 Windshield $218.23 - $239.45
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 22:35 95215 2001 Toyota Corolla 4 Door Sedan Windshield $181.62 - $212.83
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 18:55 06109 1999 Mercedes-Benz E300 Back Glass - Antenna $246.44 - $290.66
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 14:53 21230 2005 Acura TL Windshield $216.28 - $237.50
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 14:13 90044 2005 Cadillac STS Rear Passenger's Side Door Glass $200.85 - $244.42
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 14:12 90044 2005 Cadillac STS Rear Passenger's Side Door Glass $200.85 - $244.42
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 14:12 90044 2005 Cadillac STS Rear Passenger's Side Door Glass $200.85 - $244.42
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 14:10 90044 2005 Cadillac STS Rear Passenger's Side Door Glass $200.85 - $244.42
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 14:10 32024 2009 Mazda RX8 Windshield - Rain Sensor $338.62 - $369.83
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 13:40 03820 2009 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 2 Door Coupe Windshield $255.17 - $276.39
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 12:50 11203 2007 Infiniti G35 4 Door Sedan Windshield $277.51 - $298.72
Mobile Glass 04/19/2024 00:27 16601 1983 American Motors Eagle 2 Door Hatchback *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Mobile Glass 04/18/2024 20:37 49328 2003 Pontiac Vibe Windshield $207.02 - $228.24
Mobile Glass 04/18/2024 19:17 90504 1984 Cadillac Eldorado 2 Door Coupe Windshield $217.71 - $261.28
Mobile Glass 04/18/2024 18:08 34787 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander *I Can't Find My Part Pricing - N/A
Mobile Glass 04/18/2024 16:27 55330 2008 Mercedes-Benz R350 Windshield $411.07 - $456.62

Mobile Glass LLC Reviews

About 2 weeks ago I had my windshield repaired. The guy did a fantastic job. Very friendly and social. My vehicle had a leak and simply replacing the windshield would not have fixed it as the body of the truck was rusted. So he recommended me to a friend and helped get my car there to get fixed then he came back the following day to continue replacing window. Overall I am highly satisfied with this company and would recommend to everyone. Thanks
My daughter needed a broken window replaced in her car today! AutoGlass was so professional, friendly & on time!!!! We will be referring anyone that we know in need of their services directly to them!!!!! Thank you again!!!!!
Great guys . Great services. Professional Service all the way from the lady scheduling it to the guys installing the glass. Great price.iwill use these guys again.Thanks.
They did an excellent job. The whole process was done hassle-free and with a great deal of professionalism. The people were all polite, friendly and knew their job. I highly recommend them.
Less than 24 hours after I first called them, I had a brand new windshield installed at an incredible price. Will definitely use Mobile Glass again.
We checked and received quotes from 4 auto glass companies. Mobile Glass offered the best service for the money. They came to our home on a Saturday and accommodated our schedule as we work during the week. They came in at HALF THE PRICE of the company that has all the national ads. Didn't try to upsell us windshield wipers...didn't charge to haul old glass away...didn't charge for service at our home.etc. etc. Jenna was We would highly recommend their service. Fer sure.
Some folks didn't like my Chicago Bears window shade at work and threw rocks to break my windshield. My roommate utilized Mobile Glass 5 years ago when her windshield was broken. I gave them a call August 24 and they installed my new windshield today at my home. Awesome!!!!!! Fast, friendly and the technician removed all of my window stickers (license plates and toll tag) and replaced them. My Honda looks brand new.
The rear window exploded while driving down the highway in my 2003 Ford Expedition. I called Mobile Glass LLC and they set up an appointment for 2 hours later. The technicians had the new window installed and were out in about an 1.25 hours. The window works and looks great. I did have to clean up all the glass myself, but not a big deal. Thanks for being so fast!!!! I will definitely use you guys again, but hopefully I don't need to...
The windshield replacement was easy to setup and they came to my location quickly, did the job and all for a really great price. I'm very happy with the entire experience and would highly recommend Mobile Glass to anyone needing to replace their windshield.
Our technician was very professional. He did an absolutely amazing job and he was nice to boot :) I highly recommend Mobile Glass!
I had my hubby's windshield replaced on his Jeep Wrangler (he had a long crack going right through his line of vision). Everyone I spoke with at Mobile Glass (from scheduling to the repairman) was very friendly and professional!!! The price was great and the service was excellent! I would definitely recommend them to family and friends, and would use them again when necessary (let's face it. . He drives a Jeep Wrangler. .it WILL be necessary)!!
Great price, friendly service, quick, and on time. I'd recommend mobile glass to anyone needing thier windshield replaced.
We called Colorado Springs Mobile Glass for one of our work trucks. Jack in the office was very thorough, up front and friendly. The tech, Travis, was polite and professional. I believe we received the best price for our windshield, and we had no down time with their convenient mobile service. We will definitely use them again, as it's Colorado and we'll always need new windshields!
Very prompt and great customer service. I love that they come to you. Thank you.
Decided to FINALLY get my windshield replaced because of bad experiences in the past with other shops. From start to finish Mobile Glass, LLC. was very professional and efficient. Price was great and they delivered excellent service to replace the windshield on my 2003 F350. Thanks to the sales rep Kristen and the installer Carey for a job well done! Same day service was very much appreciated.
Really good job
Called this morning to have my windshield replaced and this afternoon it is done..and at my home! Scheduling was easy, installers were nice guys, and I am one happy lady!
Found Mobile Glass on-line - Kristen, who was pleasant to work with, sent someone same day. Gary, who was not dressed as I would have expected to represent a company, showed up within the timeframe, explained to me what was involved, was very courteous, answered all my questions without hesitation, was efficient and appeared to know what he was doing. I am pleased with the company thus far and had a great experience from beginning to end. Look forward to washing the car to verify no leaks.
Completely satisfied! The Mobile Glass technician was right on time, courteous, professional and friendly. He took the time to ensure everything was completed to perfection. The cost of the repair, at my home no less, was significantly less than the closest competitor I could find. Additionally I expected them to be backed up with all the hail damage from the storms lately, but they were able to get me an appointment the very next day. I would definitely recommend using Mobile Glass!!
After trying to get another company out to replace my windshield; three times and they never showed up! I called Mobile Glass and had my windshield replaced by the next morning, and they showed up on time!
After calling several glass companies for an estimate on my windshield, I finally connected with an honest company who has customer service as a priority. Charging me the correct price and not triple gouging me, they showed up when they said they were going to and they completed the job within 35 minutes at home. It was a pleasure working with Kerry and Mobile Glass. Hope to not get another shattered windshield, but if I do, Mobile glass will do it again. Thank you.
Kristen was exceptionally pleasant to work with! She was attentive to my needs and setting my appointment for the following day was as easy as it gets. The technician was extremely polite, efficient and got the job done in a timely manner. I will definitely be recommending Mobile Glass!
We had a difficult time getting finding someone who could replace our windshield. However, we were able to schedule the appointment the next day with Mobile Glass. They were extremely accommodating and polite. Carry was very efficient and knowledgeable. If we ever need it, we would use them again.
Jeff was my technician. He kept me informed as to time of arrival and arrived on time!! He was very respectful of my property and neighbors and I received the best quote from Jack with a coupon discount! I would definitely use this company again!!! They were great!!!
Wonderfully Company did a great job and fast also very friendly
Mobile glass made replacing my windshield cheap and easy! I called one day and had someone come to my work the next day. The installer was very professional, punctual, and the price was significantly less than other companies. I highly recommend Mobile Glass!
Mobile glass did a great job repairing my window.
Called the office and talked to Jack, very pleasant and nice. The technician came to the house next day. Installed two windshields for two cars, very fast and professional. Highly recommended to anyone who needs glass services...
I just had my windshield replaced. Service was fast, efficient and professional. I have recommend this company to several friends on the auto insurance industry.
The receptionist Kristen was outstanding and efficient in assisting with my quote and coordinating a time for repair. Her polite professionalism definitely aided in my decision to choose this company over the competitors!
Office staff was incredibly polite and helpful. Service was within the stated time window, and completed quickly and professionally.
This place is awesome. I was calling around for quotes and they by far had the best rate. Called Friday and got an appointment at my house on Saturday. Johnny showed up on time and was through and explained what he did to me. Will use again, although I hope I don't have to replace another windshield!
Professional service, but expensive. There are other vendors that are at least $30 to $40 cheaper. Also, they sub contract the installation. Hence, the extra cost. The installation was professional. The tech called and came on time and the work was done in 35 minutes.
The whole process was a great experience. Terry was fast, did a fantastic job, and was the friendliest guy. I would definitely recommend Mobile Glass and ask for him specifically. Thanks!
Thanks to Mobile Glass, for your GREAT and fast service, and to the technician Sam, you did a great job. this is one auto glass company I'm happy to refer to my family and friends. Thanks again...
Sam called me as soon as he arrived, let me inspect my new windshield, and answered several questions that I had. Not even an hour later, he called me to let me know he had finished. The installation looked really great and Sam was very polite and professional. I would definitely recommend Mobile Glass to anyone looking for a solid company that does excellent work!
The scheduling receptionist, Kristen was a pleasure to work with. The technician was fast, friendly, and did the job right. Mobile Glass, LLC will always be my go to auto glass shop going forward and if you're smart and need a windshield repair or replacement, you'll do the same!
The technician was fast, friendly, and did the job right. I would recommend Mobile Glass to anyone in need of a quick, thorough repair. The scheduling receptionists were a pleasure to work with as well.
Thank you very much for your fast and friendly customer service. Johnny was professional and caring. He arrived in a timely matter and completed the windshield replacement to my satisfaction the same day as the crack occurred.
Awesome job! Very thorough on the phone and fast to install! Jennipher
Excellent service. A not so fun experience of having a brick thrown through my windshield turned into a positive experience interacting with the staff of Mobile Glass. The first person I spoke with was friendly, helpful and gave me an immediate clear estimate. The technician was scheduled that afternoon. The technician was also friendly and went above and beyond the call of duty, cleaning out all the glass in my car. My car actually looks cleaner than it has in years. thank you!
I was actually upset with the install. Trim was incomplete done. As well as the installers broke my turn signal, and did not tell me.
Not sure who this is, I believe they have the wrong company. No record of them anywhere -and we have digital records of all customers. Guy in Colorado as my Facebook research found...
Norman Newsome
- 02/29/2016 1:47 PM
Contact on the phone was GREAT! The appointment time set was great. The glass tech (Johnny) called before he showed up, and knew his craft well when he replaced my windshield. I will use them again and ask for Johnny to come and replace my glass. The price was also reasonable for mobile service.
Very friendly and professional I would recommend them to anyone I know and to everyone looking to replace a windshield or any of automobile windown services
Great service, came on the same day that I needed them to. Great serice and very polite.
So easy to set up an appointment! I called today for a qoute on a replacement windshield, and they had a guy at my house 4 hours later. I can't remember the name of the fellow who came out (technically, my boyfriend was the one home at the time) but it was reported back to me that he was quick and professional. I will absolutely be recommending this company to anyone I know needing a windshield replacement.
Awesome customer service, on time and very professional service, no hassle great price. I recommend this service to anyone who needs glass. Definitely will use for all my future needs
Amazing customer service! Kristen texted me from her personal phone to help us set up the perfect time for them to come out and fix my windshield! Definitely recommend using Mobile Glass and will definitely return if I need them again!
Customer service was amazing and the installation was quick! Very reasonable on price and they actually squeezed me in for same day service. I will definitely be coming back to them if needed!
Wonderful service over the phone and in person. Very fast installation and right on time for the appointment. Would definitely recommend.
Awesome service! Super quick and reliable.
Great service! Terry was the service technician that replaced my windshield and he did a great job...friendly and professional! Thanks Mobile Glass!
There was a little confusion/misunderstanding in the beginning as to when the repair guy would be at my workplace to repair the front windshield. After the owner listened to my frustration and let me vent, he took care of me. Not only did he get my windshield repaired first thing the next morning, he didn't charge me. The repair was perfect, but his professionalism as a business owner and the exceptional customer service he showed me will make me a repeat customer! BF
Great service. Professional & knowledgeable technician. I would recommend mobile glass to everyone.
Great service over the phone and upon arrival. Tech was prompt and polite. Very professional. Would definitely do business with them again.
Great service over the phone and their ability to get you scheduled ASAP is great! Armando was my tech and he was nice, efficient and could tell he is a hard worker who loves what he does!
The customer service I received was phenomenal! My son caught something in his windshield and it looked terrible. I reached out to Mobile Glass, and they set me up with an appointment right away! Very professional!
I just had the back vent done on my Toyota Camry. Armando came out and did a great job. I'm very satisfied with the work and would recommend them to anybody in the Dallas area.
They are amazing they came out at the time they set for and got it done. Well knowledgable, and love what he does. I recommend them to everyone. Went above and beyond. Thank you guys so much. Not to mention that the customer service team are amazing and professional.
Great customer service! Friendly and informative. Also, great price compared elsewhere.
Excellent service! Fast and reliable. I was very pleased with their service
I am a very satisfied customer. Kristen was very nice to me in just about everything. The certified technician was very friendly too and very professional about his job the whole time. I highly reccommend them to everyone needing windsheild repairs. And i will definitely call them back in the future in case something worng happens to my windsheild again. It was a pleasure doing business with them. Thank you.
The service from the Dallas location was great. Everyone I dealt with during the process was extremely helpful. Armando, the Technician, was very nice and helpful. They were very convenient and managed to work with my busy schedule. Even though it was late in the day, they still took care of my windshield repair. I recommend this company to anyone looking for a reliable windshield repair shop.
Kristen with mobile glass was great. They couldn't find my windshield when searching the inventory and went the extra step to find out how to get it and called me back within just a few minutes. It was less than 24 hours from the time I called to the time my windshield was replaced AND it was less than my deductible! Way to go Mobile Glass.
Did a great job, responsive and got me in last min! Thanks!
Quoted and replaced the front windshield, great service and I would recommend for Mobile Glass service. I will call them again for any future services.
This experience leaves much to be desired! The technician did not communicate his estimated arrival...waited all day! He also did not clean up broken glass! Truly not happy!
I was pleasantly surprised to receive to same day service, the 2 technicians were very pleasant, professional and did an excellent job of transferring the mirror, inspection sticker, registration sticker and toll tag. They also left my car very clean. I highly recommend them.
This company was wonderful. My original phone call was with Jack. He was very kind and informative. Cary, the technician who did my chip repair, called and said he would be there in 20 minutes, and showed up promptly. He was really nice and told me all about what he was doing, etc. It was an overall great experience with really nice people. I will recommend this company to friends.
Great experience, friendly and professional. They came out and had the windshield replaced in about 30 minutes. Would recommend.
Easy to use and got my car window fixed in under an hour.
I had a very good experience with Mobile Glass of Hollywood Park (San Antonio area). I checked about a half dozen different places and they had the best price. The office staff of Kristen and Jack were very friendly and helpful. The 2 technicians came out to my house and completed the work in about 45 minutes. The new windshield looks great! I would definitely recommend them for the price, convenience, and just being great folks to work with.
Armando is very professional. the 1st glass he brought was chipped and he did not notice until he installed and it cracked. He came back within 48 hours and brought another one. All went smoothly this time. Would recommend to anyone
Bought a used 2000 BMW with 4 windows that did not work. Contacted the office, got a good price, bought my parts, and made an appointment to have two of the windows fixed. Tech came out today and worked the project until it was done. It was a challenge with this old car, but he did it and I could not be more satisfied. Fantastic Service!
The price was the best I could find on the internet and the service was fast (same day) and efficient.
I would strongly recommend Mobile Glass if you are looking to have your windshield replaced. I have used them on a couple of different occasions and they have offered excellent customer service with same day windshield replacements. Very happy with the quality of their work and would highly recommend them to anyone of my friends.
Service was awesome. Technician said it would take 45 minutes and it took just 45 minutes. You guys was reasonable and gogood. I would recommend them to anyone.
Very satisfied with windshield replacement. They were courtesy and cost effective. Technician was polite and speedy.
Prompt polite professional and we will recommend.
Called for a quote and got an appointment for the next day. All representatives were courteous and timely. Replacing the windshield took about 30 minutes. Thank you, Mobile Glass. Definitely recommend.
Dallas Mobile Glass was professional, timely, and friendly! I was very impressed with the level of service and I will be recommending them to clients and friends! Thank you Dallas Mobile Glass!
Called Mobil Glass and had an appointment right away! Way before some other glass replacement companies. Jack was great! Very helpful, professional and knowledgeable. Windshield was replaced quickly with no hassles and at the best price. Would highly recommend!!
Mobile Glass went out of their way in helping me replace the back glass for an older model car. I looked around myself and it was nearly impossible to find. They kept good communication as well as a perfect follow up. Carey the technician was prompt, professional and nice. The whole experience was effortless thanks to Mobile Glass! Nice Job! Marina
Mobile Glass was extremely helpful. My truck was broken into. Mobile Glass gave me a great quote and were ale to come to my location that afternoon. The two gentleman that showed up were courteous and great at their job. They were quick and cleaned up all the broken glass. Awesome service and a pleasant experience considering why I had to replace the window. Thanks for the great service.
Kristin was really nice and cheerful, very helpful, and even sympathetic. She was able to get me a same day repair, and Rick was super nice, and even patient as he tried locating my vehicle. I didn't feel like last priority, or rushed to get onto the next call. Thanks guys!!!
I was extremely pleased with this service! I had a shattered window on my car due to a break in. The courteous and expedient manner was much appreciated. I would reccomend Austin Mobile glass to everyone. Thx Again!
A golf ball cracked my windshield and cracked my glass, also knocking my rearview mirror completely off. I called on a Thursday and received an appointment for Friday. I was amazed at how easy the process was. On Friday after I got home from work a technician met me at my apartment. The technician estimated 45 minutes but it took far less time than that and the windshield is like new! The prices are amazing and the service is quick and convenient. I am very pleased.
Friendly, fast, professional and affordable. I can not say enough good things about Mobile Glass. They got back to me with my quote in a timely manner, had good discount opportunities, and were where they were going to be when they said they would be. Thank you!
I called Mobile Glass & talked with a Chris. Were very helpful from the minute they answered the phone. I asked if they could come out today & replace a front windshield. They found a time for today & came out when they said. Installers were very nice & courteous explained what they were doing & how long it would take. The installation was in a timely manner. Want to “Thank” Mobile Glass for their time & being so courteous. I highly recommend them & will use them again in the future.
The guys were fast and friendly. Sales rep was very courteous over the phone. Prices were well more affordable than others I called.
Reliable, friendly and very affordable. Excellent customer service. The guy at the office Chris called me with a price quote with in few hours of my inquiry. The price was 300$ less than the dealer and it included a technician to come to my address and vacuum the shattered glass and replace the window with in minutes. Rick, the technician was very professional and polite. I recommend Mobile glass to everybody who needs window care.
Great service, competitive price and good work. Couldn't get better than this!
Was set to leave on multi-state move & found my car had 2 windows broken. Glass place my ins partners w/ said earliest they could come was almost a week later (!!!) so right when Mobile Glass opened I called. I spoke w/ Kristen (I think?) who was fantastic & assured me they had what I needed & the tech was out to me in a few hrs. Can't recommend them highly enough. If you are in Central TX & need a window replaced ASAP don't bother calling anyone else! Thank you for helping save my moving day!!
Auto Glass were very helpful from the minute they answered the phone. They were able to get to my car the same day. I highly recommend them and will use them again in the future.
Mobile Glass was professional from the start. From the person who took my phone order to the guys who came to install, it was handled professionally and friendly. They were able to schedule my appointment next day, and the installers were here when they said they would be. Twenty minutes after they showed up, my new windshield was installed and they were heading out. Highly recommend Mobile Glass!!!
Quick, friendly, and on the spot. Carey Stevenson replaced my windshield today and gave excellent advice and service. I would recommend AMG to anyone in a "fix" with glass repair.
Mobile Glass was extremely efficient and quick to respond. Replacement looks amazing! Very friendly and would definitely use again.
Mobile Glass of Austin and mobile glass LLC was outstanding service and work. I live between Austin and San Antonio And they scheduled a time when I was going to be Near there San Antonio shop and it saved me a few bucks. There service throughout the whole Experience was simply outstanding! Jim Lynxh, Kyle Texas
Mobile glass did a great job repairing and cleaning up the glass from my broken car window! They came out to my work and finished within 30 minutes. The only complaint is that is took the man an hour and 15 minutes to find where I was and got lost in the parking garage where I was at. Overall a great experience and would use them again!
Service was fast and friendly. Company honored time commitment. Definitely recommend this company for replacements!
From the moment I called, Kristen was very friendly and professional,giving me a very fair quote for my driver's side window of my Corolla. They were not able to come out the day of the accident but were at my home promptly the next day as promised, between 10 and 2. The 2 gentlemen were professional,respectful and polite, replacing my window within a matter of minutes. I believe the job took no more than 15 minutes. I will definitely call Mobile Glass!
Great price and fast service, Im impressed!
This is a very good service , nice and fast service they go to your place rigth on time and very reasonable price thank you
Mobile Glass offers friendly and fast service. I needed my windshield replaced and I called Auto Glass. I called around 3pm, and the rep gave me a free quote over the phone. The service tech came over my house around 5:20pm the same day. It took the tech 20 mins to replace the windshield. Great customer service!
Alberto came on Saturday, Memorial weekend to install my window. Looks great and he made extra sure he got all the broken glass vacuumed up, truck and driveway. Rear window looks great, he did an excellent job.
Great job. Worked around my schedule and nice work on the glass
Guys were very prompt when coming out. They were very professional and said that everything was guaranteed 100%. These guys hustled and worked well together.
Quick windshield installation. Loved that they came to my location. I think the cost was a little higher than I originally wanted to pay but the service was great.
Good service, fast and responsive.
Despite my previous review which was written prior to service, I now give them a ZERO. Be prepared to have an outlet because their techs do not have a power source. And don't expect them to actually remove any glass from the seat, after all to quote them properly "this is not a detail". Other services out there will arrive fully equip and will happily remove all glass. Staff is only nice until you complain. Then they just stop taking your calls all together.
Terrific Customer service! Really cared to help me get my window fixed.
Technician arrived quickly and provided great service. The windshield was fixed while I sat in my office. The overall product was better than the windshield I already had on there. I highly recommend.
Same day service was awesome. They were quick, polite, and professional. Would recommend. Very, very easy and simple process.
This was a great job! Two guys came to the house and took off my old windshield and installed a new one in about 45 min. Great service and I highly recommend Mobile Glass.
I called Christy who gave me a reasonable quote for 2 pickup trucks and an appointment for the next day. Rick and Henry called with an ETA and they were there on the dot. They were done in less than an hour and did a great job. This company has a great work ethic and their staff is excellent! Will recommend them to anyone!
We are impressed how quick Kristen was to schedule us an appointment. Technician (Ben) was prompt and professional. - Arlene and Mariano Garcia
Had a great experience with Mobile Glass! Wonderful service, excellent price, lucky enough to have same day service. Will definitely use again and recommend.
Spoke to Norman and he was able to schedule me for service the following day to have my windshield replaced. The techs arrived within the hours specified and had my windshield removed and new one installed within 40 minutes. Would recommend to others.
I spoke with Norman who was very helpful and accurate with information. He was able to fit me in today! Great, promp service!
Great service. Spoke with Norman and he was very helpful and thorough. Installation tech was polite, courteous and had job done within 30min. Price was hands down the best. Will use again. Thanks again.
The price for my windshield could not be beat by other windshield companies! I received a fast and unexpected quote. Not only was I surprised by the great quote, I was also very happy with the installation of the windshield. The knowledgeable technicians came to me and installed it in a timely manner! Great service all the way around!!
A car I just bought has two different body styles and I asked for a quote on both since I'm uncertain if it is the new one or old one. He gave me a quote and I indicated it was quite a bit more expensive than other quotes I had received, he then called me an idiot and hung up on me. I have never been treated so rudely for no apparent reason. This place stinks! Anyone that is feeling like helping me out, I would like to see more negative reviews posted for this company Dallas Mobile Glass
They make it easy to get your windshield fixed! Incredible customer service and job WELL done. Love that I can see our my front window😃.
I guess technically they aren't the company I paid to do the work, as that company would not answer my calls. Still this is the most unprofessional business with an owner that that hangs up the phone on you and blocks your calls so he does not have to answer your questions. I don't care if I paid you or not, you should still have fixed my issue as I could be a customer in the future.
I will be completely honest, the Havens are not our customer. We never did work for them, they never paid us, and we never even took their call or information. The lady is mentally impaired or something, she has been harassing us.
Norman Newsome
- 04/03/2015 5:59 PM
Great service, fast response, and reasonably price. Add all that plus the convenience of having them come to you makes a stressful situation of replacing your winshield as painless as possible. Really happy with my experience.
Very professional and quick service. Excellent customer service.
Everyone I dealt with was very friendly. The prize was great and they were able to schedule work the next day. The technitian was very quick, friendly and even transferred my stickers and toll tag. It was a great overall experience!
Kristen provided excellent service when i called in for the quote, they were able to schedule me the same day, came to my home to replace my windshield and were done in less than 30 minutes. Thank You for your wonderful service!!!!
This company was efficient, knowledgeable and courteous. I would recommend them to everyone.
That's what we try to do everyday. Glad you picked us to replace your glass!
Norman Newsome
- 03/27/2015 1:25 PM
Got some quotes from around town and Mobile glass was the best price and set me up the fastest. Was able to have my windshield replaced while at work. Very easy to work with, very fast, will recommend to people in the future!
Quick quote and set up instalation appointment. Istalation was done effective and and professional. Great service and would recommend to friends.
Awesome thank you so much Toby, we really appreciate you choosing us!
Norman Newsome
- 03/25/2015 9:29 AM
Just learning how our reviews work.
Great service. Fast & Affordable. Called 5 different glass shops and got the best deal here. Fixed me up the same day!
Mobile Glass is the best all around service in central Texas. All staff and technicians are the very professional.
needed it done that day, and i got it... very quick, and a great job too!
Great service, incredibly quick and efficient. Also very friendly.
I called these folks after calling Safelite, which quoted me $380 for my 2012 Ford F150. Austin Auto Glass quoted $245 including Tax, came to me and was done in 20 minutes. The installers did a great job (some trim was knocked sideways and there was some black caulk on the inside of the windshield but it took all of 2 minutes to fix). I got my windshield done yesterday and have ALREADY recommended them to 4 people. I would definitely use them again.
Excellent and convenient service.
Same day service which was wonderful. Customer service was very pleasant and helpful. The installers came at the given time. Took 30 minutes to install, the windshield looks great!! Will do business with them again and will recommend to family and friends..
This company is truly awesome. Quote was best one all around. So easy to set up appointment. Convenient online pay. Norman and Kristen were ever so helpful in the office. Technicians Rick and Henry were of the upmost professional in replacing both glasses. Discounts were outstanding. I would truly recommend this company to everyone. Overall performance was superb. Many thanks! Josie.
Found on Google while shopping for the most affordable option. Great service on the phone and by far the best price in town. I would totally recommend them to any and everyon.
Wind was smashed last night along with several of my neighbors windows! These guys were quick to respond and very nice to work with! I would totally use them again... but let's hope I don't have to.
I found mobileglass on a Google search result. They had a lot of great reviews, so I decided to call them for quote. I initially wanted a crack repair estimate, but the quote for a whole new windshield wasn't much more than what I was quoted by their competitors for just a crack repair! The gentleman I spoke with on the phone was very helpful and cheerful. My installer Rick and his partner were equally pleasant and super fast to install. They saved me $100 over a competitor. Thanks again!
Thank you for coming all the way to my school and for such quick service! Highly recommend!
They came and went in under 30 mins and I have a new widshield for under $200. Great service and work! Thanks! Brendan
polite on the phone, came out the same day, had my windshield switched out in no time. They didn't do any standing around, soon as the truck stopped they jumped out and started working.
very nice technicians did a great job replacing the window. They answered all my question and I am a happy customer.
They were great in giving a competitive quote and were able to come to my location within a few hours. Ben was my repair guy, he was great! Very efficient, friendly and professional.
These guys did an excellent job on my windshield. Service was affordable, time efficient, and overall a good experience. I called around 1 to see if they could squeeze me in and they did! Definitely go with them.
Easiest process ever! Glass was installed within hours of initial quote. Great experience all around. And the best price I could find too!!
My windows got shot out and I needed them replaced ASAP. I checked online for affordable options and quickly called up Mobile Glass. I spoke with Norm and explained my struggle. Honey, they were out to my house within HOURS! Hours, honey! Yes God!!! Ben called 20 minutes before he arrived and got the job done quickly and carefully. Thank you, guys! I am amazed.
The windsheild was installed for my son. They were very professional and got it done in a timely manner! Very pleased w/their services!
They gave me a discount after they postponed initial replacement. The gentlemen who replaced my windshield did a good job, although they seemed they were pressed for time. They were the most affordable replacement company in the area so I would recommend them.
I choose this company based off other reviews and they exceeded my expectations. Fast friendly on the phone and in person greatest business I have ever encountered in replacing auto glass. Will recommend to family and friends.
I had the windshield replaced on my Chevy Silverado. Great price and excellent service. Showed up on time, installer was very professional, and got the job done quickly. I highly recommend.
i had my windshield smashed and so i called their 1800 number and for under $200.00 they came to my house and replaced my windshield that same day i am very please with their service
Very professional....excellent work, looks like the original windshield!
I appreciated the service I received from Norman on the phone. My windshield was replaced the same day within a few hours of calling!
Mobile Glass was awesome. They arrived within the time frame quoted, did a good job w/ the installation and were competitive with their pricing. I highly recommend them!
Awesome quick fix service. I am a Very satisfied customer. People on the phone were Accommodating, friendly and sounds like they really love their job:) the two guys who went to fix my windshield was amazing, fast and gave me after care instructions :)
Ben came out to my apartment this afternoon. He came within the time slot that was given to me over the phone yesterday. Handed him my keys and he went to work. It only took about 20 minutes and the new window looks better than the one that was shattered. I am very pleased with this business and the way they conduct business. Thank you very much & I will recommend y'all to all my friends, should they find themselves in my unfortunate predicament with a broken window. Thanks again!
Great, friendly service. These guys were fast and efficient. Professional in appearance and demeanor. The only issue I had was they did not make the original appointment within the allotted time and we need to reschedule for the next day. We were told by Andrew that we would receive an discount for the inconvenience. When services were rendered Norm informed us that Andrew was not authorized to make this type of guarantee. Needless to say we didn't get the additional discount.
Great service these guys are awesome and fast I love that they got here pretty fast and they did a great job!!! I will recommend them to all of my friends here in Austin and Corpus. From Anna Berg
Ben was friendly, kind and efficient. I am thrilled with the service I received! I called and was offered same day service! That's unheard of! Don't bother calling around for other quotes or service! USE AUSTIN MOBILE GLASS! Thank you all soooooo much L.Martinez
I called Mobile Glass on my way to work after lunch and by the time I was off work a few hours later, my windshield was repaired! Friendly personnel, straightforward information, haggle-free price, and amazingly quick service is why I give this company five stars! Tracey Brock
I was driving to San Antonio when something sharp and heavy hit my windshield. It shattered the top in a snowflake pattern and then proceeded to crack all the way down the windshield. I called Norm and he was willing to send someone the same day! They worked with my schedule and came the next day. They were quick, efficient and very polite. The windshield was replaced in 30 minutes. The work is quality work & I couldn't be more pleased!
Mobile Glass did an awesome. I first spoke with who got me a quote within 24 hrs and they were able to come to my work the same day. The tech Ben was really nice and fast, my windshield was done under an hour. windshield looks great! Company is very friendly and fast.
great service. prompt and courteous
We just had mobile glass to install our windshield, its service is excellent, they called you ahead of time and got here on time and got job done fast. Its technician are friendly and professional. We are really happy with what they did. We will definitely recommend it to our friends if they need any windshield service. Thank you again.
Mobile glass came within the window that was quoted with a 20 minute beforehand call. We had two cars done and both were completed in a timely and professional way. We are very satisfied.
Great job. prompt and courteous service
The repair man got here earlier than expected...which was nice...although, I wish he had called before just coming over... and was finished in under twenty minutes. I would have given five stars, but he left a lot of the broken glass behind...I would assume they would clean up afterward.
Very good price. Job has been done very fast and clean. Our Mini looks great with new windshield. I would definitely recommend these guys.
Horrible customer service in Arlington, TX. Rock chip repair. Given a next day appt. with a 5 hour window. No show. I called. Informed it would be next day. Given a 2 hour window. No show. I called again. Informed technician was running late. Approx. 1 hour later he arrived. Twice was told owner would contact me. Never did.
2007 Chevy Avalanche rear window replacement and clean-up. Quick quote, best price, excellent service and customer support. Colorado Springs, CO
Mobile Glass LLC installed a new windshield on my Acura TL this morning. Originally scheduled appointment with insurance contractor, offering "special rate" below my deductible, serviced on 8th of Aug 15 miles from my house at a quoted rate of $347.82. I called around to find out if I was getting a good deal. The first call to Mobile Glass LLC offered a lower price, service at home and replacement today. Needless to say, I am a highly satisfied customer!
Easy! Great staff and communication, great prices and service. I was thrilled to find these guys and have them replace my windshield. I will be a repeat customer if I ever need another glass service!
Easy service, reasonable pricing, and awesome customer service! They were very helpful and informative and I got what I needed with no stress at all! They will come to wherever you need to repair or replace your window so the convenience is great! Awesome company and awesome service! I highly recommend.
Staff is very helpful and courteous! No hidden prices, what is quoted is what you pay. Affordable pricing, saving over $100 from SafeLite. Make the right choice and choose Mobile Glass!
Professional and courteous. Job well done. No hidden cost
Super fast service!! Very prompt and professional installer. Saved 150.00 dollars by not using Safelite and going with Mobileglass! Thanks guys!!!!!
I would definitely recommend them great prices and vary friendly .
Great experience and no complaints with company. On time and very professional. Ask for Ben to do your work. Very knowledgable and gets the job done. Would certainly recommend Mobile Glass to friends and family.
On 7/16/14 The friendly tech replaced my driver side window in 15 minutes. I was very satisfied with the service , and quality of work they provided. If I need another window replaced I will definitely be calling Mobile Glass .
Installer showed up when expected and replaced a beautiful new windshield very quickly. Good job guys!!!
Norm {the customer service rep.} was great. He explained everything in terms that made this whole transaction easy. The service guys {Ben & Nate} were here when they said they would. They were friendly, worked quick and did a awesome job. I would recommend them to anyone...... Five star.........
Fast and efficient, nice guys. Took less than an hour. I would recommend them to anyone.
Crew was awesome. Got in and got out in a hurry and did an awesome job. Would definitely use them again.
Great service! They replaced my windshield in under an hour while I wad at work. Thank you, Alec!
The crew was very efficient and did a great job. They were on time and left the car in a clean manner.
Called around town and they offered the best price and warranty, plus came to me to do the work. Showed up on time and thirty minutes later had a brand new windshield on. Thank you! Highly recommend them to anyone!
Service was fast and friendly. The windshield looks amazing. They did it in about 30 minutes while I was at work. The price was much better than the competition as well.
Very professional, and punctual. I called and was given prices for the two different types of windshields for my vehicle. They did not try and upsale me and arrived in about an hour to install my new windshield. The Techs did an awesome job removing my stickers and replacing them on my new windshield. I would definitely use them again for my glass repair!!
I called talked to Norman, got the best price in town. Set up an appointment, technicians were on time and replaced my windshield within 30 mins. They have a customer for life.
Two workers came out and installed a new windshield in 30 minutes. They were quick and mannerly and did the work perfectly. Thank you Mobile Glass for a job well done!!
I called these guys at 5:50 pm on a Wednesday and they had me scheduled for early afternoon the very next day. The price was the lowest I received and they came to me to do the work. That made it easy. I highly recommend these guys!
Technician was friendly and courteous. Work was completed in less than 1 hr. Great job! Will definitely recommend.
outstanding work. The technician arrived on time and there two techs. It took them less than an hour to replace the windshield. I will recommend their service any time
They were fast and worked around our schedule. Looks great!
Scotty was running a little late but called. When he arrived he worked quickly, work was done within 45minutes. Did excellent job. Thanks Scotty Jim
Installers were fast and professional. No hidden charges when they quoted my prices. Definitely use them again.
I couldn't have asked for better service! Found my window broken at 11 am it was fixed by 1:30pm. Great job! No hassle! Cheaper than my insurance provider recommended.
I was very please and satisfy with the wonderful customer service I received and I only had to wait an hour. I would definitely recommend to who ever needs window replacements its economical and affordable.
From the first call everyone was so helpful and friendly. Tech was little late but besides that they did a great job. So easy and quick!
Great customer service. They came quickly to replace my windshield. Reasonable cost and technician who performed the installation was excellent.
Service was great, only flaw was the installers brought the wrong window and noticed after they unsealed my old one. Not their (installers) fault but I will for sure use this place in the future.
Norm and Andrew are so helpful. The job was the cheapest and best service around in the austin area. I would recommend anyone to use them. It was so convenient that they came to my work and did the job.
There was a small mixup when the repairman made it to the door, but Norm quickly resolved the situation. The new windshield looks great and I had wonderful customer service.
I called around yesterday getting quotes and these guys were the cheapest! Not to mention you work talking to a real person. Norm was fantastic and so was Andrew(Andy?). Ben and his helper actually did the replacement and were fast and really nice! I will recommend y'all to everyone!
Very pleased with Mobile Glass, great service & work. I will definitely recommend. Thank you!!
Great service... great price... thanks norm
I'm so thankful to Norman for setting up an appointment to fix my daughter's car window. The technician showed up and was professional and within the time scheduled. We were so lost & didn't know who to call to repair the window so we called the first company that popped up. So thankful Mobile Glass was there for us. Mobile Glass rocks!!
Mobile Glass was great! done in 30 minutes, came to my work place which made it very easy for me. Good Job! and Thank you!
My glass shattered 15 mins by I had to go to work, I looked up glass replacement companies and called Austin Mobile Glass.Andrew is who I spoke to,he was very polite,informative, & professional.He gave me a really low cost quote and set up an arrival time at my job for the same day.Ben my tech was perfect,he called when close, replaced my window in less than 30 mins,very polite,friendly,& professional.He did an amazing job,I will definitely refer others & use them again.Awesome service!
My experience with these guys have been fantastic. Norm and Andrew at the call center have been nothing but helpful I was given a time they would be out and did arrive within that time slot. Ben the technician was very nice and courteous. These guys have the best price in town. I would recommend them to all you guys out there. All ready recommend them to my insurance company and I will definitely use them again.
The person who setup my appointment was hilarious! And the installer was on time and did a great job. If I need a window replaced in the future I will definitely call them again.
Great, friendly service! I was told over the phone it would take around an hour to replace the windshield in my Honda Odyssey (very large windshield). They were done in less than 30 minutes!
Arrived on time and got the work done quickly. Great pricing, much lower than competitors.
Good service. Got my windshield replaced as scheduled.
Had a little confusion when the technician first arrived. Work was contracted out so a different company installed the windshield. May have just been a miscommunication, but the service was great. Came out to my home and replaced the windshield in less than 45 minutes. No real complaints.
On toyota corola windshield replacement and end up with Auto Glass quote i thought that they had a good price +30 off if you write a review svc was pretty decent from my call Norm took care of it and he made sure to have the wind shield replace, i was on hold for 10 minutes the next day when call to write a review
Mobile Glass had excellent service and a great price. Was able to get an appointment when I needed. The repair took less than an hour at mt home. They were nearly 50$ less than their competitors. No complaints what so ever.
I had to replace my windshield on 2011 sonata. The worker on the phone was very nice and kind. The service was really good and I satisfied the job. I live in Dove Delaware. There are not really place to do it. But mobile glass is the best place to get service with cheaper than other company and better quality glass. I love it. I would highly recommend it to the people who need to replace windshield.
Mobile Glass is really nice and fantastic. Within one hour, broken glass with rain sensor was completely replaced; service man is also kind and clean everything after replacement. I recommend Mobile Glass whenever you have a problem with car glass!!!
Technician was two hours late (after my 4 hour window), but was courteous and expedient. Glass looks great, trim has been returned without issue, and no leaks in sealant work appear present. Technician transferred registration, inspection, rear-view mirror, and EZpass to new windshield glass as well. Overall: Tech was late, work was excellent, price was more than respectable.
Disappointed with their customer service, lack of communication, and not keeping their appointment within their 5 hour window. This tied up my whole day and had to call to check on status of arrival. Would not recommend!
I will never use this company again. They are very unprofessional. They made too many appointments at the same time. When they realized they made a mistake they stopped answering the phone. The contractors they used to do the work were more professional then them. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE... I REPEAT DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE......
Called for an appointment, service was very professional. Had technicians at my home within 3 hours. Fixed my window in 30 minutesTecs were down to earth, service was quick and good. Best price and quality of service overall.
Norm was very professional and helpful throughout the process. The company offers quality work at a great price. They came straight to my house within the time appointed and completed work in a timely and professional manner. Thank you for taking the hassle out of the replacement process!
I needed my windshield replaced on my SUV. They were available to come out on the day i picked, to my company that i work at. It took no time for them to do, and i didn't have to go anywhere. They did a great job fast, and it was really affordable. i would refer them to anyone.
We had and front windshield done this morning & installation was done in no time. I'm very happy with the outcome of the service. Thank. Thank you Cassandra & Carreen Allen
Mobile Glass LLC is definitely the way to go. This company is has very good prices and is very responsive. I recommend Mobile Glass to everyone.
Mobile glass had fast friendly service. I would recommend them for any replacement window needs. Thanks.
Spectacular! Mobile Glass turned our bad morning into a great day! Not only was their price more than 25% less than any other company I called, but they were able to schedule us on the same day - during a holiday weekend! Thank you Norman and Ben!
The company was unable to perform the windshield replacement during the originally scheduled appointment. However, they were able to do the work the following day and were very fast. The job was finished an hour ago but so far the craftsmanship seems sufficient.
Great job !! Prompt, courteous, convenient. Came to my home and job was done in 20-30 minutes, Thank you !!
Scheduling (through Gloria) and service (Matt) were both terrific. Couldn't be happier!! Thanks!!
Great price and quality installation.
Had to have the windshield replaced and Mobile Glass LLC 800-557-3078) did a fantastic job! First of all - a LIVE body answered the phone on the first ring - Love that! The conversation I had during the quote process was informative and convenient but most of all it was FUN - Thanks Norm! Their pricing was the BEST - love that! The technician was timely, polite and did a very professional job - LOVE ALL THOSE THINGS! Definitely give them a call for your auto glass needs!
The appointment setting was very easy and workable; I like the fact that they came to the office so I didn't have to miss work. The guys performing the work were very friendly.
The overall quality and professionalism f services rendered both over the phone and in person was of the upmost. I DO NOT BELIEVE I could have picked a better business to handle the sitiuation with a since of urgency. The best to this company.
Excellent service from the first phone call. This was a pain free, quick & pleasant experience. Called the evening before and was seen by noon the next day! Thank you guys for restoring my confidence in customer service!
If you ever need your windshield replaced. This is the place to go.. I totally give it however many thumbs up I have :) Very friendly and courteous staff. Gave me exceptional service and a fair deal. Ask for Norman :)
Very fast work!! The installers were very nice and informative!!!
From on the phone to the repair man who came out (Ben), their customer service is wonderful! They called 30 minutes ahead of time like promised, showed up in the promised time slots and the work was done right and fast!! Couldn't be happier with the service provided! They even got me in their schedule for next day work! Thank you!!
Great service. Came to my work and was done within 20 minutes.
They were super friendly and helpful. I would use them again!
Lowest price around, did great work, and best of all they finished in about 15 minutes. I would recommend this business to anyone in need of some auto glass work.
Awesome work. I'll definitely be back.
After shopping around and comparing prices, I found Mobile Glass to be the most affordable. They were professional and completed the job on time. Thanks Mobile Glass
Liked that the technician was on time he was friendly my window works fine how, however when the technician was taking out my window with a screw driver he scratched the inside of my window in 7 different places, if need another window company will be calling someone else!!
Excellent Service! They gave me a window from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for replacement of my windshield. The technician showed up around 11:30 and was done shortly afterward. There was no attempt to upcharge me and the workers were very courteous. I would definitely use them again if needed in the future.
I think the service is awesome it was quick, simple, and easy ! Hopefully the windshield is just as quickly repaired as the operator said
Very professional and quick!!!
Great company, replaced the windshield in no time at all and the guys were great to deal with. I would use them anytime
Thank you Gloria for assisting us with our glass repair. You made a stressful situation an easy fix. Thank you for your professionalism. I would recommend the Mobile Glass company without hesitation.
Thanks Gloria, Norm, Andrew and that other guy David (lol) for helping make a bad situation turn out for the best! I was able to find the best deal thru your company with a lifetime warranty....who gives now a days?!! Even though I was given bad information on the window type from the folks who needed to have the window repaired & them not answering their phone for days in order for this company to schedule the repair; my whole situation was still handled in less than five days. Thanks again!
Reasonable Quote and good quality and professional service.
Great customer service, very affordable windshield replacement, and high quality work! I'll be calling them again!
We spoke with Danika on the phone today. She was fast and efficient. Great customer service! We are happy that we got such a great price for our windshield! Would definitely recommend this pace to family and friends.
Excellent customer service. Very friendly and flex able with time of repair, Technician was very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Customer Service Review: Andrew was eager to assist me when I made my original call for a quote. The price was great, better than the others I had previously received and best of all was that the quote was available within seconds. I will definitely be using them again in the future!
The only negative of my windshield replacement was that I had to wait 5 days for the replacement to be done. The serviceman was very efficient and courteous.
Very nice very quick and well done!
My car was broken into and they shattered my driver side window. I called several companies to find someone that could fix it today because of the bad weather that was coming in. Mobile Glass did it as quickly as they could and the technician (David) was very friendly and got the job done at a reasonable time. I will definitely use them again if in need.
Excellent customer service. Same day repair on short notice. Technician was very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Spoke with George who was very friendly and gave a very fair price for the replacement of the drivers side door glass
very quick and efficient! New windshield looks great. Scotty and Jose very friendly and professional, had no problems!
I scheduled was scheduled for anytime between 8-12pm. I received a call from the technician at 8:15 and he arrived in 5 mins right on time. He completed the windshield replacement professionally and cleaned the area afterwards. He also switched the sticker from my old windshield to the new one and vacuumed the front seats and car mat. He gave me a bottle of glass cleaner for donating food items for safelite charity.
Fast and friendly service! Very easy and wonderful to work with. The tech was very friendly and did an excellent job replacing my Jeeps window. I would definitely use them again!
I am a very contend customer of Mobile Glass. I had my Ford Expedition EL's front windshield and back glass replace by them. They are excellent in their service. Their employees are friendly and do a great job fixing your vehicle. They are very prompt and reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone who need a glass repair on their vehicle.
With a broken window being such an inconvenience, Mobile Glass made it a quick and painless fix at a great price.
Super fast, got it done in less than an hour while I was at work. Can't get better than that.
I called 5 minutes before they closed and they had me scheduled for the next morning. Extremely polite and knowledgeable customer service with great prices to boot!
Armando was wonderful! Called before arriving. Very polite! The whole process didn't even take an hour! I will definitely recommend these folks!
Great prices, friendly service! I would not hesitate to use them again!
Good quick service. Called yesterday, and they came today. There was a small defect in the glass, so they offered me a discount or to come back before the end of the week to replace the windshield. Fast friendly service. I would recommend this service to others.
Mobile Glass came to my house this morning and repaired the windshield on my Altima. They were really quick in setting up my appointment and they did a great job!
Everyone was professional to talk to. An appointment was set and we had to drive to meet the technician, however, after waiting 3 hours he never called or showed. A different technician came directly to our house the next day and that technician was on time and did an excellent job!
This is a great company. I called them on Friday and scheduled an appointment for noon the following day. The technicians arrived promptly at noon and had my windshield replaced by 12:30. They were fast, friendly and they did a great job! What more could a person ask.?. I would definitely recommend this company.
This is a great company. I called them on Friday and scheduled an appointment for noon the following day. The technicians arrived promptly at noon and had my windshield replaced by 12:30. They were fast, friendly and they did a great job! What more could a person ask.?. I would definitely recommend this company.
The service was great! I called to replace my windshield and they were able fix it the same day. Service was fast, convenient and affordable.
Excellent Job, they worked quickly and neatly without any problems and most of all they offered me a great and affordable price. Very pleased with this company. I highly recommend them!
They had very fast. Their service people were super friendly. They worked around my crazy work schedule and were able to fix my windshield at my home. I really liked that I that when I called that they could of fit me in the very next day if I hadn't already had plans. I would definetely recommend to others.
Mobile Glass replaced glass on my Dodge truck this morning, looks great, thanks.
Excellent work and courteous staff. Do recommend.
Awful, they took my money, never showed up, didn't call and i couldn't get a hold of them. They get 1 stars for refunding me my money...after a few days
Everyone at Mobile Glass has been very helpful. Fast, friendly, and quality work. I will recommend ithers to use their services.
I've used Mobile Glass twice in the last couple of days for 2 different repairs on 2 different vehicles. Both services and repairs were professional, done exceptionally well, within the time frame promised and finished in a reasonable amount of time. My technician was extremely courteous and took care to explain the process and all that had been done to my vehicles. I will absolutely use Mobile Glass for all of my future glass repair needs!! Thanks again!!
Great service! Insanely fast and convenience, came to my work same day I called.
Hablamos Espanol!!!
The glass technician showed up as promised and did a quality job! I am very pleased and would definitely use this company again! -Mariah Dressel
Going 75 on FWY, here comes a nice rock, bam! Called the company and arranged for an replacement windshield the next day. Clif was very professional and courteous. The gentlemen that came to my house, were both very professional, and I have a new windshield within 1/2 hour! The only issue I had was they were suppose to show up before 3pm, only an hour late. Not a big deal. Thanks for all your help!
Fantastic service! Adam and Scott were great. Very friendly and professional company all around. Made my appointment at 10:30 this morning and window is already installed by 2:30.
Great customer service. I called and was able to schedule an appointment to fit my schedule with some discount. My windshield will be installed soon, expecting great service.
I just want to say that the customer service at mobile glass was awesome!! Andrew and Danica were so friendly and helpful and got a technician out to my house before the rain...thank GOD. Thanks guys, will refer you to all my friends.
Great customer service, gave a discount due to arriving late from appointment. Thanks for the new windshield!
Called to make an appointment about 10am. They got to my office within a couple of hours to get my windshield replacement started on my 07 Tahoe. Super friendly, courteous, professional staff. My windshield was DONE in about 30 minutes!! Will definitely recommend to anyone needing glass work!
The tech was very friendly and knowledgeable of the trade. Next day service was excellent as well.
My driver side, rear door window was broken into yesterday. I called Mobile Glass for a quote and Andrew was great. He gave me a quote within one or so of talking and even insured me that they had a window in stock for my 2002 Ford Explorer. I unfortunately was not able to book the service yesterday but were able to schedule me for today. Service was great. Jimmy and his partner were friendly and personable. Great job you guys.
Amazing service, very professional service. I would use them again and recommend to anyone.
Great customer service. I called and was able to schedule an appointment to fit my schedule. My windshield will be installed today, expecting great service.
Mobile Glass offers superior customer service! I highly recommend this company and will use them again. Their rates were extremely competitive and their service was simple and timely. Keep up the excellent work!
Very happy, did not seem like a slam bam I am done operation. The installer was friendly and informative. I am Satisfied, window looks great!
Great job great staff and very helpful!
very friendly and did a good job
I made an appointment. , and they didn't make it that day to do the job. They showed up the next morning first thing. Other than that the job was done well.
Excellent customer service. Next day repair on short notice. Technician was very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Super convenient and fast. Called got a great quote and the windshield was replaced the next day. It works and looks great so Happy with my service!!! Would definitely use again!
Excellent customer service. Next day repair on short notice. Technician was very professional. Highly recommended. Thank you.
Fast,courteous,and efficient. They really helped me out of a messed up up start to my day.
Very courteous. Prompt service. Thank you very much.
My car was broken into last night. I inquired with an online quote and they called me this morning. Andrew was great on the phone. They were booked up today (Saturday) but were able to squeeze me in for later today. So far, the service is great and judging by the other reviews, the installation should be the same. Thanks guys!
Mobile Glass provided good customer service when placing the request by phone. They provided a quote quickly and scheduled the job for the next day. The technician arrived promptly and called me on his way as promised. The quality of the work was very good as well.
Great professional customer service!!!! I'm over 300 miles away from my daughter & her car, but this company earned my trust and completed a well done job the very same day.
Jimmy was awesome! He cleaned out the glass and even bent back some bent metal that had been damaged. You guys are great! Thank you for your great prices and quick friendly service.
The customer service was very helpful and friendly.
They called quickly with a quote and when I was unable to answer made sure I received the quote through texting. Were very willing to work with me when the address and phone number that would be valid for the repair would be different than those used to make a quote. Very fast and friendly service.
Derek showed up as promised. Was courtious and provided information on the process and future expectations of the repair. Well done. Kent
I was impressed with the customer service that I received from Gloria in the office she was very informative and pleasant to deal with. I also am very pleased with the cost for my windshield. I thought that I was going to have trouble locating a company that had my windshield.
Tyson replaced my window. He showed up on time, was very courteous, and professional. Great work
Auto Glass was very professional and resourceful in assisting me with my auto glass needs. Thanks guys!
I was very pleased with the installation. The gentlemen were prompt and precise. My new windshield looks great.
I am very pleased with my new windshield installation. Trey did a beautiful job, plus he was friendly, fast, on time, knowledgeable and willing to answer all my questions. I'm impressed by how quickly Mobile Glass was able to come to my place of employment to do the installation after I made the appointment. I will be recommending them to anyone who needs auto glass replacement.
Showed up a week later then they said they would. Had great customer service and the install was fast and the guy from Youneek did a great job. Overall though, I needed it done when they said they'd get there.
I called this company for my mom to replace the windshield on her truck. Inexpensive and great customer service. Very Impressed.
Gloria with customer service was very friendly and fast!
Spoke with Andrew in Customer service, he was very helpful and patient with me and helped make the process easy. My technician called, as promised, before his arrival and completed the work despite the inclement weather.
Everything went as expected. My new windshield arrived within the given time frame. The service person was courteous and very professional. The whole process took about 30 minutes and I was very pleased with the results. I would definitely recommend Mobile Glass to my friends.
I spoke with Adrian on the phone to schedule an appointment and was able to get it done the same day. Steven, the technician, arrived within the specified time and was able to repair most of the chip. Friendly and down to earth staff. Good job and fair pricing, thanks!
We had a car disaster this weekend and started the work week trying to set up an appointment on Monday morning BEFORE work. They worked with my to set up the appointment and actually met my husband at home to get everything fixed. The window looks great and the technician was on time and friendly. Their customer service was OUTSTANDING. We will definitely keep their number handy incase we need them again!
Customers service awesome
Awesome service - easy quote and appointment setup. Definitely would recommend Mobile Glass!
Customer service was second to none. Cordial, professional and supportive. Will recommend to all friends in the future. thanks for a slam dunk. Norm Newsome provided service and kept engaged with relative discussions and delivered as promised.
We used Mobile Glass LLC to replace a 2nd company truck windshield, and the worker that uses the truck said, they company arrived on time, did a professional job and moved the stickers over. We are very pleased with this company and we will recommend it for anyone needing a windshield.
Very satisfied with customer service rep, Danika. She was able to give us a reasonable quote and took care of everything in a short period of time.
I spoke to Josh H., a Customer Representative from mobile glass inc. and he was very knowledgeable in his profession. He was very polite and very help explaining my options with replacing my car window. They are super flexible when I made my appointment they adjusted to my home and work schedule. Excellent! Billy
Repair was done quickly and under the quoted amount of time, price was better then anything else that was quoted. Would not look anywhere else for a car window.
The overall experience was great! Technician came on time and had the installation done in about an hour.
Very helpful and friendly! Thanks for the great new windshield!
Super friendly service. Andrew in the HQ was great to work with and super prompt.
Andrew Ode was a huge help! After talking with three other window replacement companies, Andrew was very courteous with helping me to get a reasonable quote, not to mention great customer service. I highly recommend using this company for any auto window services.
The guys cam as promised during the hours promised and did a phenomenal job. Fast and efficient. I will use again if needed!! rlc
Good service
Called to have my sister in laws windshield replaced and they did a great job. Josh was very helpful with all my questions and had a great attitude. Would highly recomend to anybody.
I would recommend Mobile Glass. Great service and very fast. They did a great job.
Service was unresponsive. Theres was a scratch on the windshield that I notice after replacement. I called them 3 times and they never returned my call. The contractor they used finally called me and setup a time for repair of the scratch. do not use them.
Great experience, got a quote on Thursday repaired on Sunday fast service and great customer support!
Had a great experience with Mobile Glass! They came out the day after I called and did a great job. They called 45 minutes before they arrived to let me know they were coming and the installation was quick and looks great!
I just had my windshield replaced by mobile glass. From the time I called they were really professional and made sure I knew how the process worked. They also sent someone out within a couple of hours and the repairmen were really professional as well.They finished the repair in lik 30 minutes and it looks brand new.
Mobile Glass did an awesome job replacing my side panel window. The installer, Ben, arrived on time, worked quickly and even cleaned up the shattered glass inside my car. I will definitely call them again if I ever need glass repair.
They arrived within the promised window and did fantastic work. My new windshield is perfect! Great customer service!
Norman is AMAZING!! he is so funny!! great customer service skills... good thing he is in SALES!!! I had decided to buy a windshield with another company and he convinced me to go with Mobile Glass.
We found the company to be very professional. They worked with our schedule, and it looks great. Thumbs up.
I would highly recommend Mobile Glass. I called them at 8:30 in the morning and there were out here by 10:30 and my windshield was repaired within 30 minutes. The service guy was super friendly and had over 30 years of experience and it was obvious that he was very knowledgable. He saved me from replacing a $1000 windshield! I would not hesitate to call them again or recommend them to a friend. Thank you so much.
I had my windshield repaired by Mobile Glass. They come to your home to fix it, and quote and appointment process was very easy. Excellent service, sitting right there in your home!
Mobile Glass is truly amazing. I made numerous calls for a price quote on my 2013 Toyota Venza and found the best quote at Mobile Glass. My wife and I were in Dallas for a bit and needed to replace our Windshield. We spoke to Andrew, he was very patient and took his time to get us the best quotes. The cost was reasonable, in fact lower than most other places. The best part is, Mobile Glass will come to your location!
Gooooooood!!!!!! Great service!
Went online searching for a quote to replace a broken windshield and found mobile glass. The office staff was incredibly friendly and helpful! The tech arrived the next morning and knocked the job out without a problem! I highly recommend these guys, they are very professional and great at what they do! You will not be disappointed.
josh was great he gave me a great price on fixing my window he was so help full and there putting in my glass tomorrow wonderful thanks again mobile glass and josh for the great service
Great price and quick service
Great customer service, worked with me to find the right time for me and answered and resolved all my questions. Best customer service compared to any of the other windshield companies Ive called. Would definitely recommend Mobile glass to anyone who needs any auto glass replacement or repair.
Best quote for windshield replacement in town
We had a great experience. Fair price, the driver was on time and was done it 20 minutes. Would give them a great recommendation.
Great service!! Called, got a quote and within 24 hrs, had a new windshield!!
Well done!! Tech was on time, availability was flexible. Great price. Friendly and thorough staff. Thank you!
The tech who came out to replace my husband's windshield today was very courteous, knowledgeable and professional, not to mention quick! Would definitely recommend Mobile Glass and use them again!
Great service and did a great job. On time and cleaned up after themselves. Even transferred my stickers with no problems.
Great customer service, fast turn around, & best price in town! If you need a windshield replaced give Gloria a call and she can hook it up!
I called and got great service from Josh. He quickly got be a quote and scheduled a repair. The best part Mobile Glass turned out to be $50 cheaper than their big name competitors.
Awsome Customer service !! Great attention to detail. Really good work. And they come to you.
Mobile Glass was extremely friendly and helped me when everyone else was booked solid for more than a week.
Replaced in 30 mins, no problems. Ty
Great service at a most reasonable rate! If repair or replacement is needed again, I will only need to make 1 phone call...thank you Mobile Glass!
Fast service, friendly staff, will use again
I needed to have my window replaced on my truck. I spoke with Gloria and she was very helpful and professional. I recieved a quote immediately and their scheduling was very flexible and friendly. It was a very easy no hassle experience and I would definately recommend using this service to my friends!!
Great customer service. I spoke with Gloria Pino and she was very courteous and professional. I received a discount and same day installation. Great company and would definitely recommend to everyone.
Needed windshield replaced same day. They were able to do this which was great! Would have 5 stars except windshield was not clean and all my things were scattered in my car. Customer service at the office was great!
amazing glass company.. on time, very professional, love the waork they did.. highly reccomend..
Thank You Joshua for all your help! I expected to have to wait for three days to even a week to get it fixed but tomorrow, WOW!!! Thank you for answering all of my questions and making this process painless. I am looking forward to getting my window fixed!
My car was broken into and because of it I had to get my window replaced. Not knowing what to do I decided to call mobile glass and schedule and appointment. There staff were very friendly and patient especially Norman. Thank you.
Love the customer service. Very courteous and professional staff. Looking forward to a great installation.
Amazing service. Home set up, my windshield is in stock, and it's so easy to set everything up. Service agents are professional and explain everything in detail! Would definitely do business with them again!!!! Highly recommended.
great customer service.. I called last night, got a quick response first thing monday morning. I paid and received a discount too. They were able to come out same day and replace my windshield.Danika was awesome in helping and working around my work schedule today.. Highly recommend them. If you need a windsheild, call Auto glass quoteZ..:)
Great customer service!! My passenger window on my truck broke yesterday, i contacted them late yesterday evening and woke up to a response from them first thing this morning. Danica does an excellent job and they should make sure to not let such great employees get away! Thank you guys for everything! P.S. bless you to whoever sneezed while I was on the phone!
Great customer service. I made a quote appointment late one evening and got a call back immediately first thing in the morning. Very informative about the installation procedure and not to mention the overall price was awesome !!!! Highly recommended :)
Great deals quote I have received, awesome deal!
Danica was great with her service. Overall Great service fast and easy wasn't difficult. Had it done the same day I called recommend to anyone that need a new windshield
I would like to thank Danica for giving great customer service and making the whole process very easy. I will be sure to recommend your services.
Norman gave me great service over the phone and I got a much better price than safelite, and they came to me
I contacted Mobile Glass LLC to enquire about a price to replace a front windshield, i was able to get scheduled for same day service, price was best in town not to mention the customer service by Gloria was fast, friendly overall fantastic!! I highly recommend all family and friends to Mobile Glass LLC and to Gloria for her professionalism Thanks for all your help...
Super fast response and amazing customer service! I would recommend them to anyone!
I called in needing to replace my front windshield due to vandalism. I called Mobile Glass which gave me great customer care, got me scheduled same day and was extremely fair on price! Not to mention the installer did a great fast job. I will always recommend Mobile Glass!
I had a wonderful experience dealing with Norman Newsome from your company. I live in a small town in the northeast corner of the panhandle and wanted my husband to install my back glass. Norman found the back glass I needed in Amarillo and arranged for us to be able to pick it up the very next day for less than half the price I was quoted locally. My husband and I could not be more pleased with the service we received. Thank you Mobile Glass for having such a qualified employee!
Quick, courteous, and friendly service. Nice people, and skilled technicians. What else can I ask for ? Thank you. My car looks good .
Customer service was fantastic. They came and fixed my car within the hour so it would not rain in my car. Thank you Andrew Ode
I call this merchant on Monday feb. 17th and spoke to someone who supposedly booked an appointment for the 22nd to come to my home, I received the invoice they placed a hold of over 200.00 on my credit card and no one showed up! If you say you will honor an appointment I expect that at the very very least. I will not recommend anyone to this service and if anything I will advice against it. 5 dollars for a good review was just not worth it
Norm from customer service is a gem and quite a character. Very friendly and helpful. Nice family run operation. Can't wait for install.
Service was fast, friendly, and matched the price of every local dealer I called around to. From the moment I called, I only talked to actual people- no automated machines!
Great customer service! Great work service!
Mobile Glass is an excellent mobile service glass company that performs work to the fullest extent to keep their customers happy.
These guys are great! Curtious and willing to work with you around your time and schedule. Most of all were upfront with with communications and policies. BEST OF ALL THEIR OVERALL COST CAME IN BELOW THE QUOTED COST! That is enough in my book to reccomend to anyone.
Great to deal with on the phone. Great service. I highly recommend them.
Great to deal with on the phone. Great service. I highly recommend them.

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